SAMPLE SALE: Manolo Blahnik


Deal: Manolo Blahnik 2-Day Sample Sale

When: Start Tuesday November 6.

Tuesday November 6, 9am-4pm (doors open to the public after 11am)
Wednesday November 7, 9am-2pm

Where: Warwick Hotel, 65 W 54th St (near 6th Ave), 2nd Flr

End: Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Link: Manolo Blahnik


Oohh Yeah! Keep it coming. I’m loving this because I’m definitely have a thing for shoes. So thank you very much to Mizhattan for all the amazing updates. One of the good thing about this sale is that for people who did not get an invite (like me), we can go early and get an alphabetical ticket. Then we can go wherever we want, take a nap and come back later! which is AMAZING!!! But as always, those VIPs who already have the invite at hand, will be given priority (super jealous). But with ticket or not, we probably wouldn’t mind standing in line for a chance to grab some basic heels that start from $100, right?



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SAMPLE SALE: Alexander Wang


Deal: Up to 70% off Alexander Wang Sample Sale

When: Start Tuesday November 6.

Tuesday November 6, 9pm-8pm
Wednesday November7, 10am-7pm
Thursday November 8, 10am-7pm
Friday November 9, 10am-7pm
Saturday November 10, 10am-4pm

Where: 131 Greene St (between W Houston & Prince St)

End: Saturday, 10 November 2012

Link: Alexander Wang

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SAMPLE SALE: Christian Louboutin


Deal:  Christian Louboutin Semi-Annual Sample Sale

When: Start Monday November 5.

Monday November 5, 8.30am-3pm
Tuesday November 6, 8.30am-6pm
Wednesday November 7, 8.30am-6pm
Thursday November 8, 8.30am-6pm
Friday November 9, 8.30am-6pm

Where: 306 W 38th St (between 8 & 9 Ave)

End: Friday, 9 November 2012

Link: Christian Louboutin

I know, I know.. this is very exciting and I am too, at first!!! Because the master of Parisian red-sole only opens door for the invite only 😦 and they are very strict about it. BUT as Louboutin has let in some shoppers without the invitation in the past on the last day of the sale (preferably after 12pm), you might wanna try your luck then.

Sadly, I will probably pass on this one but let me know if anyone succeed in the last day, I might try my luck next time. Best of luck ladiess..

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SAMPLE SALE: YSL Saint Laurent


Deal: YSL Sample Sale

When: Start Tuesday October 23.

Tuesday October 23, 9am-6.30pm
Wednesday October 24, 9am-6.30pm
Thursday October 25, 9am-4pm

Where: Soiffer Haskin, 317 W 33rd St (near 8 Ave)

End: Thursday, 25 October 2012

Link: YSL Saint Laurent

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